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Welcome and thank you for visiting my campaign website.

Our national debt is at 19,029,000,000,000 dollars and counting, our borders are not secured, we have an immigration problem, innocent people are being killed all over the world, our health care costs are out of control, lobbyist and donors control congress, Democrats and Republican are not finding ways to work together and we have politicians that do not know what the real responsibilities are of our federal government.  The worst is we do no have any confidence it is going to change.

The status quo is not working, we need change.  I need your help in making that change.  I am running against a 14 year incumbent that has accepted more than $6.5M in Campaign Contributions during his election cycles.  We need new leadership with new ideas that will take action to greatly improve our many issues facing our great nation.

I invite you to get to know me, my ideas and how I stand on key issues.

I would appreciate your vote for US House.

Most Recent Video  Obama Legislate Gun Control via Exec Order

Please call 214 789-0740 for answers to your questions

Committee to Elect Joell Krause
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